Marie DeNicola

Mainstream Boutique's Story

What started as a dream in a cozy underground space has blossomed into a nationwide movement. Here, fashion is more than clothing; it's about community, empowerment, and a passion for timeless style; we created Mac & Me, our exclusive line to embody these beliefs. Our ascent from a basement boutique to a celebrated fashion destination embodies the spirit of innovation and dedication that still drives us today. Step into the heart of Mainstream Boutique and read our story and how you can be apart of it.
Marie DeNicola and her daughter Mikayla or "Mac"

The Birth of 'Mac and Me'

As our story unfolded, a new chapter began that was close to our hearts. Born from the deep personal connection and shared love for fashion between our founder, Marie DeNicola, and her daughter Mikayla (affectionately known as 'Mac'), the 'Mac and Me' line emerged not just as a brand, but as an embodiment of our journey.

Lasting Legacies

As we continue to write our story, we invite you to be a part of this exciting journey. Whether as a franchise owner or a customer, you're not just joining a boutique; you're becoming a part of a movement that cherishes each individual's style and story. Join us, and let's fashion a beautiful future together.

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Photo of the DeNicola family and the Mainstream CEO.
The DeNicola family: The heart and heritage behind Mainstream Boutique's unique story.

Our Brand's Story

Mainstream Boutique stands as a beacon of individuality and self-expression in the fashion world. We're more than just a boutique; we're a place where fashion meets compassion, and where every piece of clothing tells a story. As we continue to grow, our core values remain steadfast—celebrating the unique style of every woman and fostering a community where everyone feels at home.

Mainstream Fashions is founded by Marie DeNicola.
Marie DeNicola outside her garage when she founded Mainstream Fashions (would later be Mainstream Boutique)
This image was taken in her basement home in 1993 where she spent a lot of time building the business.
Mainstream Fashions Franchise Meeting
Mainstream Boutique Franchising is Established!
The first Mainstream Boutique in Applevalley, Minnesota.
First 2 direct sales franchises owners join the system. Our 'Family of Franchisees' is born
First retail brick & mortar store opens
First Mainstream Boutique Brick and Mortar Store
8 total franchise-owned boutiques
A map of the United States with 8 pins to represent the first 8 franchise-owned Mainstream Boutiques.
12 total franchise-owned boutiques
24 total franchise-owned boutiques
A map of the United States with 24 pins to represent the first 24 franchise-owned Mainstream Boutiques.
Named to Entrepre­neur’s Top Franchise 500 list and Inc.’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list
A screenshot of the Entrepreneur article about Mainstream Boutique.
Mac and Me private label Established
Mikayla DeNicola and Marie.
Over 70 boutiques in nearly 20 states #361 on Entrepre­neur’s Top Franchise 500 list
Jumped to #155 on Entrepreneur's Top Franchise 500 List, and won the prestigious FBR50 Franchisee Satisfaction Award from Franchise Business Review
"You Are So Loved" Trademarked
Today Mainstream Boutique operates 70+ franchise boutiques and 3 corporate owned boutiques in 24+ states.
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