'Mob-Wife Aesthetic': The 'Italo-Americana'

If you're wondering what the mob-wife aesthetic is, it is the polar opposite to the well-loved clean-girl look. Mob-wife refers to the Italian-American culture (of New York and New Jersey,) counting on icons like Michelle Visage and Teresa Giudice (not necessarily ladies connected to the mafia.) However, we can get the gist from the ladies who portray partners of mobsters in film; Lorraine Braco in Goodfellas, Sharon Stone in Casino and Drea De Matteo in the Sopranos . Not forgetting, Mob Wives , the Staten Island set reality series that revealed black leather and designer sunglasses. These are all outspoken, feisty ladies with a significant swagger and highly specific tastes; and the aesthetic alludes to their iconic aura and big attitude. This trend is an excuse to delve into your love for maximalism, think - an explosion of leopard print, faux fur, black leather, statement shades, sultry-smoky make-up, gold accessories, messy up-dos and 90's blow-outs. Celebrities such as Dua Lipa , Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner are all on board!

The Mob-Wife Moodboard Of Inspiration.

You could say that it's a trend that combines the 90's supermodel sophistication with the pattern-mixing of the early 2010's. Social media has played a role in glamorising the depiction of the 'mob-wife', that was perceived as tacky at the time. No lie, the 'mob-wife aesthetic', as a name of a trend, doesn't have the nicest of connotations due to it's association with crime. Perhaps, a more empowering name could have been used, like 'boss wives' or 'Italo-Americana'. If you don't feel rich and important, with places to be, in this flashy attire; we don't know what would! It's not a worry if you're not sold on the look as a whole, as you may fancy experimenting with the elements separately...

Written by Giovanna Scozzari

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